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Wall Mount Split Units


Powerful Cooling that cools the room 16% faster than General Air Conditioners. So it provides relief from the sweltering heat outside.

3 Care Filter helps keeping your air fresh and the inside of the unit clean. As well as capturing dust, its unique coating may eliminate up to 99% of certain kinds of viruses, bacteria and allergens as they pass through its dense filter mesh.

Keeps going in the most challenging environments with energy effecient technology. It prevents overloads, without a separate voltage stabilizer*, has an anti-corrosive coating, and can endure extreme heat.

Creates the desirable climate for a good night’s sleep. With its temperature control and moisture adjustment it may help you feel comfortable during your sleep.


Unit Specifications

Rating Cooling / Heating Power (W)
2700 / 2700

Rating Cooling / Heating Power (A)
12.5 / 12.5
Air Circulation (m3/h)

Dimensions Indoor (mm)
1095 x 312 x 205
Dimensions Outdoor (mm)
800 x 300 x 690
Weight (kg) Indoor (net / gross)
15 / 17

Weight (kg) Outdoor (net / gross)
51 / 55
Applicable Room Area (m3)
35 - 47